Innovate Yourself and Restore Your Creative Genius


Innovate Yourself and Restore Your Creative Genius

Innovation and Creativity. The definitions are as varied as the perspectives.

But the truth is, that things are quite simple.

Creativity is thinking differently from yourself.

Innovation is acting differently from yourself.

Creativity is about thought.

Innovation is about action.

And it all starts in one fundamental way; by innovating yourself.

Every human is born an innovator by the nature of existing and the only meaningful block against our inborn creative genius is our own mind. It is our addiction to our “self” that keeps us creatively stuck. Stepping outside our inherited persona is the key to freedom, flexibility and ultimately innovating ourselves.

Innovation is the biggest trend in the world. Isn’t it better to join in? The beauty of Adaptability is that if you show up late, you can still Adapt into it.

The world needs you to transform you. The first great innovation we must all make is to innovate ourselves. That ongoing, intentional self-innovation is INNOTIVITY.

The INNOTIVITY framework is a groundbreaking step-by-step process that increases your creativity levels, enables you to innovate more easily, and unstick stuck projects.

Michael Lee’s book INNOTIVITY: Innovate Yourself and Restore Your Creative Genius will be published in 2024.

Watch this space for more updates, INNOTIVITY fast hacks and lead the innovation explosion.

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