Creativity & Innovation are two parts of one process that starts with encountering a challenge and ends with sorting it out.

At the Innotivity Institute we are dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations to thrive in today’s dynamic landscape. Our comprehensive range of services is designed to catalyze innovation, inspire creativity, and enhance adaptability. Explore how we can partner together to drive transformative growth.

“We are at a pivotal moment in human history. For the first time, creativity is the most important skill in business.”


Training and Experiences
Igniting Creativity from Within

“All things are created twice; first mentally, then physically.” – Steven Covey

Our training programs for teams are crafted to ignite the creative spark within each individual as the source of the collective innovative mindset of your company. Our interactive workshops help your people tap their massive inherent creative reservoirs to innovate themselves and create a culture of innovation in your organization. Our main offering is our Creative Breakthrough Experience, using a unique step-by-step process of both self-discovery and collective engagement to empower every participant to have a creative leap in a project important to them, which they can repeat using the same techniques again and again. Fuel your people’s imaginations to power up your company. We offer similar programs for entrepreneurs and coaches.

Consulting and Coaching
Fostering Collaborative Excellence

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” – Steve Jobs

Our consulting and coaching interventions are tailored specifically to catalyze collaborative creative excellence within your team. Innovation flourishes in an environment where diverse minds converge, and our seasoned coaches are adept at both cultivating individual excellence and guiding groups towards harnessing their maximum collective potential. Through interactive workshops and guided discussions, we equip your team with the skills to ideate freely, communicate effectively, and synergize their efforts into ground-breaking outcomes. Backed by extensive industry experience, our consultants collaborate closely with your leadership to assess and devise strategies that maximize your creative excellence and innovation results.

AQai Assessments
Navigating Change with Adaptability

“It is not the strongest that survive, nor the most intelligent. It is those who are most adaptable to change.” – Charles Darwin

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, adaptability is not just an asset – it’s a necessity. Whether it’s redefining processes, embracing new technologies, pivoting business models, or avoiding burnout, we need to be ready to adapt every day. We are certified in the cutting-edge science of AQ – the adaptability quotient. Backed by years of experience and millions of dollars in development, and assisted by artificial intelligence, the AQ assessment will help us help you to understand how adaptable your team is by examining eighteen distinct categories spanning personality traits, learned skills, and the work environment. This will allow us to assess your areas of strength and need for growth, and to devise strategies to rapidly increase your organization’s overall adaptability through actionable insights that empower you to navigate uncertainty with confidence.

The Synergy of Themes:
Where Innovation, Creativity, and Adaptability Converge

At the Innotivity Institute we recognize that innovation, creativity, and adaptability are not isolated concepts, but interconnected pillars that drive holistic growth. Our services seamlessly integrate these themes, fostering an environment where innovative ideas are born, creative solutions are woven, and adaptability becomes second nature.

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